FATALITY RTA Limited edition(SOLD OUT)

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We won't be making anymore 28mm limited edition Fatality RTA.

For people asking for Black and Stainless or any color we wont be making anymore, it was only one batch like we stated and limited run sorry.




#Limited edition Fatality RTA ( Only one Batch in the 3 new colors)<---------
-28mm Diameter
-Clip top cap for top filling(No thread)
-Side terminal postless deck
-Multi coil configuration
-Replace cotton or Coils without emptying your juice
-Twist to close juice ports on filling for no leaking
-Fast and easy cotton or coil replacement
-Adjustable quad airflow
-Unique airflow Adjustment
(Top airflow ring controls side angled airflow)
(Bottom airflow ring controls center airflow)
#Also included with each kit
-6ml clear bubble tank (NEW) <<<<<
-Ultem 810 Drip Tip (Polished)
-Ultem 2ml tank (Polished)
-Ultem 4ml tank (Polished)
-Clear 810 Drip Tip
-Glass 2ml tank
-Glass 4ml tank
-Chimney extension for 4ml tanks
-Accessory bag
-Flat head screws
-Black O-rings
-Serial number