Fatality 28mm Old verion Replacement parts

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All parts listed are for the LE OG version M28 Fatality not for the new 2023

All prices are in USD

-Fatality Ultem replacement tank 4ML and 2ML 

-Fatality Glass tank 4ML and 2ML

-Fatality 6ML Glass Bubble tank

-O ring pack (Deck M3x3 / top cap 20x1.2 and 21x1.2)

-Screw pack of 4 (Size M3x4)

-Clear drip tip from the Fatality M25 not 28mm

*v1 6ml plastic bubble tank Not to be used with Acidic Liquid's or extreme menthol's (could damage the tank)

Fatality 28mm O ring size
Tip 16x2 MM
Top cap 20x1.2mm and 21x1.2mm
Chimney 8x1 mm
Glass 27x1 mm for both
Deck 20x1  and 19x1 mm